Lady MGM


Welcome to Lady MGM's World

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of sensuality and self-discovery, then you are in the right place. Lady MGM is your blonde sapiosexual and her name stands for Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Grace Kelly, Margot Robbie and Maria Brink (lead singer from “In this moment”.) These 5 blondes have all inspired her to be the stunning woman she is today. 

A new mistress is on the scene, her name is Lady MGM. She has created a unique style, by bringing her special brand of lifestyle domination and pro domme together. Thusly, she has achieved the true purpose of submission, and so will you. She is a psychological domme. At first contact you will see that it is not only her occupation, but her love and passion which fuels the flames of her desire. You will have a hard time finding someone as passionate, educated, knowledgeable and loving as her.

Lady MGM is more than a dominatrix and guide. Our mistress becomes a surrogate to our deepest and most gaurded desires She attended the London Dominatrix School,  studied for two years under the famous lifestyle dome and author miss Elle X. She is currently being trained by a two time world champion and hall of fame dominatrix and will soon compete against some of the best men and female doms in a vicous competition. The winner will emerge with the title belt, only one will achieve this illustrious victory. This is why you will experience a skill set of the highest level.

What makes the experience so special is her customer service skills. She has had 8 years of customer service, working her way up from the bottom into a managerial role. Her clients are always satisfied and leave with a smile. She is one of the few mistresses that will do middle of night, and same day appointments. She jokes that her dungeon has wheels as she travels where she is requested. Any hotel room quickly becomes a dungeon. She is in the yachting industry and so she does not have any problems traveling and passport ready. She does take requests and has no problem flying to you for an affordable tributes. In addition to all of the above, she has a residential dungeon, fully equipped, and is expanding her housing branch. 

 Lady MGM celebrates this year of 2023, her inauguration into the pro community. She has emerged from the shadows and stepped forth into the light. After years of working as a lifestyle femdom, she now is going national. BDSM has been apart of her life for 13 years,  and she was a submissive to two expert male doms for 10 years. During your scene you will see an empathy and true concern for what you are going through because she has been there. She prides herself on the knowledge that was imparted to her whilst also remaining humble. MGM comforts clients due to the fact that she has experienced and tried everything that she has planned for you. She empathizes with her slaves,  and ends being a good lifelong friend. She lived through the pain and you will be able to too.

Lady MGM does more than just paid sessions. She is a BDSM educator, alternative therapist and a dominance instructor whom offers a hands on, free apprenticeship. MGM specializes in couples, and offers counseling as a sex therapist. She teaches beginners how to safely navigate and perform rituals. This is achieved through her medical background. Mistress MGM aced the Masters and Johnson model of human sexuality to teach partners.

Rarely will a submissive have on a hood as she want’s client to take the mask off. Safety, discretion and freedom are her biggest priorities. So, whether you are looking for something short and to the point, or are a couple wanting to reignite their love life, she will choreograph an unforgettable CNC experience and scene. Mistress is your tutor, you are her student. School is in session take a seat and learn something. In addition, She has many mistress and goddess friends, both male and female. They will work together to bring you into subspace where you to deserve to be. Once you have discovered this serene sublime and meditative euphoria, you will drop down and kiss her feet and beg for more. Don’t worry, she likes you down there begging just fine, but she is also trying to you off her $400 Demonia boots. 

She is in the beginning phases of getting national recognition. Be part of history, or in this case herstory. Her branding and development requires more slaves. Currently taking applications for slavery. So be on the look for videos and tour schedule.