Lady MGM


Hello Betas, it is your blonde sapiosexual Barbie domme here and it is that time of year where we give back. When I was 5 my family didn’t have a lot of money but I wanted the skipper doll, it was the thing and so all the teachers at the elementary school where my mom was a custodian pulled together and got me a skipper doll and told my mom how important it was that I have it. Also, Barbie was my childhood. So that is why every year I do a toys for tots campaign. Last year I donated $600 worth of toys, 4 huge garbage bags full. My goal this year is $1000. How it works is if you bring a toy to a session you either get a. $50 discount or extra 20 min free. Also, any and all tips go to buying toys. Last year I had people send me money to help. Then on Christmas Eve I take them over to trapeze swing nightclub and at 1:30 am the manager runs them to hialeah with the toys that were donated. I am starting earlier this year and want to do even more. In return I will give you the best spanking of your life. Imagine what the beating will be if you don’t bring one, lol !


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