Lady MGM



Marilyn Monroe is a seductress and a lady just like our mistress. Treat me like you would treat Marilyn and we will have a splendid time.  “The real lover is the man who can thrill you just by touching your head or smiling into your eyes-or just by staring into space”.-Marilyn Monroe. You will be seeing stars after our visit. 

My top five rules.

  1. You may call me Mistress, Lady, MGM or mommy (only if you are a sissy or age play) If for some reason you learn my real name you may never use it. It is an honor  that takes years and I will tell you. I value my privacy and yours as well, lets keep names out of it and focus on our practice. 
  1. You don’t get a chance to make a second first impression. How I see you depends on you. Therefore, lets keep it clean to start out, and lets respect each other, we are all human. I don’t want a picture of your genitalia. If you require more than 2 min of attention I suggest lead with a tribute and as a Goddess friend of mine said “tell your sub that you are a high quality professional dominatrix and you don’t accept lifestyle coupons”. 
  1. Have Integrity, this is the most important adjective I want people to use when they describe me. I am one of those rare people that won’t lie or bs you. So please if you say you are going to do something like send a deposit, call back or show up at a certain time; please do it. Nothing is more rude then being tardy. She up for class student, and teacher will be pleased.
  1. Don’t ask or expect me to have the sex with you. I am not an escort. I have the highest respect for them and so should you but I will never talk about trading my beautiful body for money. Don’t ask me to bring or if I can get party favors. I want you alert and oriented so that you can work through the pain. Let us be a team. 
  1. Trust the process. I am not a pop up dome or a rookie. I studied for two years and continue to study daily. You came to me for a reason, and now let me do my job. I am all for educating and teaching people which also means “no” I will not switch out. There is only one person in the world I would submit to and she is a goddess and knows who she is. You and I will share something special, and for the rest of your life no one will be able to take that away from you. 

If you want a session EVERYONE must complete the form on this website. And either A. give a name so I can get a reference or B. show ID so that i can run a background check. I’m just looking for sex offenders and domestic violence offenders. Other than that I am not a sadist and have the kindest heart. So treat me as you would want someone to treat your wife, mother,sister or daughter.