Lady MGM



“I am basically a feminist I think that women can do anything they decide to go.”- Grace Kelly 

I can’t wait to do whatever I want to you, slave. 

I am wherever you want me to be but primarily I am at my incall in my home dungeon in Delray Beach. I do however have no problem getting a hotel room as I serve Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties if you don’t want to drive to Delray Beach.

I hate when I get this question because your basically calling me a liar. I offer online sessions for $50 for 15 min and if you want to facetime then you must pay my online fee. Now, if you book session I have no problem using that as your deposit. Also, I don’t wear makeup 24/7 and like most I look quite different without it. I always make sure you get the girl in the pictures for session, full glam. I do not send selfies for security purposes. I’ve had stalkers and also police get location details from selfies.

I am on call 24/7. I usually answer right away unless you contact me through email and i try and check it 2 to three times a day. I do not answer my phone if I am in a session, sleeping, driving or at my career. Also, because of being in the yachting industry I can never guarantee if I’ll be in Florida. That is why I only book two weeks in advance and my schedule will be posted in the blog section or follow me on twitter.

I put a lot of thought and time into everything I post on platforms or this website. My rates are always clearly posted and I know they are fair and came up with them by researching my peers. Therefore, it gives me the impression that your either lazy or you’ve contacted so many other mistresses you can’t keep track.

This is a loaded question. Serve and See are two different things. See means you want to book a session with me and involves tribute. Now I do offer a true d/s relationship and my submissives don’t have to pay for a scene or my time BUT they all started out as a paying session or an arrangement made where it is mutually beneficial. They do however, are expected to help if I need an uber, food or hotel room.

This goes back to being asked for verification. You are contacting me not the other way around. I put my photos and information all over the internet so it is not I that has to prove myself it is you. In my experience (and my dad tells me), men lie. I am 5’2” and 135 lbs. All my clients are bigger than me and could potentially hurt me. There have also been sex offenders trying to book appointments and a girl has been killed recently so screening is a must. I require one of two things. 1. The specific name of a mistress you’ve seen before for a reference or 2. A photo ID or business card so that I may do a background check if I feel the need. Also, i require a phone call before booking the session for voice verification to make sure you are who you say you are.

All of them. Except for my hard limits which are blood, scat, minors, animals, topping from the bottom and my private life. But I love Age Play(why I will be building an adult nursery) and impact play. My skill set very high as I have trained under a hall of fame dominatrix and planning to compete.

My job is to get you into sub space and fulfill your needs and desires. I have studied for years and was a submissive for 10 years and not a sadist. Wood is the only thing that will leave marks. A single tail whip will break skin or possibly leave welts. A bdsm scene is training for life. Ya, you will experience bad things in life but through bdsm you’ll learn to go through the pain and you will get through it okay.

I only do CNC (consensual non consent) scenes. So all negotiations will take prior to your arrival. When we first meet I like to take a couple min getting to know you, educate you and get you to trust me. I will take out a couple implements and even showing you the worst it would be. I go over the program using red, yellow and green. You will never get to red. Then you will strip down naked and kneel on a pillow i put down and after scene finished I demand you get after care(this is so you do not experience sub drop, a state of depression.) You can choose a shower, cuddle time or even a nuru massage.

You must fill out the contact form on this website and send a $50 deposit. I will not take you seriously until deposit sent. 

This goes back to the trust issue. I am not one of those girls who will solicit you or disturb your privacy. Most of my clients are married or in relationships. I am here to heal not hurt. I am most likely inviting you into my home and trusting you with my life so I feel it only fair you tell me who I am seeing truthfully. No one besides myself and my online manager who signed an NDA will see your information. I need a telephone number incase i need an immediate response.

If anal play involved, an hour before your session please do a clean out with an enema. I do have equipment here but it goes towards your time. I have almost everything covered but you are always welcome to bring toys or outfits that you like. Not guaranteeing they will be used. Also, what girl doesn’t like presents or flowers. I have an amazon wish list and I adore all flowers except red roses.

My life does not revolve around you, contrary to popular belief. I do have a life so if you are going to cancel please do it as soon as you know  your not going to make it or be late. All appointments cancelled within two hours of session forfeit their deposit and run the risk of being blacklisted.

Mistress community is very protective of each other and a large social network. Should you piss me off enough not only will I not see you but I will post on platforms informing others of your behavior and stay away. I will do everything in my power to make sure no one will touch you.