Lady MGM



“I’m not a sandwich store that only sells turkey sandwiches, I sell a lot of different things.”

Lady Gaga 

I’m no lemon, you are getting a lime. 

Believe it or not the most uncomfortable part of my job is putting a price on our time together.For one, BDSM saved my life and it was given freely to me, except I did have to do some chores. I know what its like to crave a scene because of what life throws at you.I also believe people are the most important thing and I see my job is that of a nurse in that I heal people. If I was a millionaire and could do this for free I would. That being said I have created PACKAGES instead of hourly rates. One of the first things you’ll notice that sets me apart from other dommes is that I come out and ask “what’s your budget?” This is because I want you to have the best experience and 9/10 I come up with something that is better and in your favor.

All my appointments start with “a getting to know you” phase and usually some education. My job is to get you into sub space. I best describe this as a mental state , what I would describe as a meditative euphoria. That is why I only do CNC(consensual non consent) scenes. All negotiations happen and limits gone over and agreed upon. Then, it is my show and I have done years of research and have yet to have a sub not achieve this goal. I was the first mistress to get a client (who had seen six others) into sub space. So, I know what I’m doing. I will be taking care of the lighting, music, smells and temperature. So sit back and enjoy the show!!!

“A star is born” *this is for true beginners*. $500, 1.5 to 2 hrs long, I call this a sampler platter. Once you have paid the deposit, and the logistics are done, you will be expected to do two tests.over and and check what your interests are.

“Sick like me”  $400 1 hr and $200 each additional hour. This includes anything that would be considered a standard appointment. Plus 15 minutes of after care. Especially if degradation involved.

“Harley Quinn”  $1200 time ranges from 8-12 hours. This is when you and I spend intimate time together and I totally mind fuck you. Your world will never be the same. There will be scenes and multiple outfit changes and a lot of education and even teaching. Best part is that you get to your mistress. 

“Happy Birthday Mr. President”  $2000 for 1 to 2 days. You will see all sides of me and even my seductive side, meow. We will go out to eat or order room service. This will only be held at a hotel or outcall location. 

“Monaco” I fly to you. *$1500* plus hotel and airfare, as well as Ubers should they be needed. This is an all day, or all night experience. $500 Deposit.

“I’m a Barbie Girl”  “I’m a Barbie Girl” this is for feminization only, no playing. $250 for hair, makeup and styling and approximately 2.5 hour “in the Barbie World” $500 previous services plus go out to a club or a girls shopping trip with me.

“Big Bad Wolf” Pet play, I always wanted a puppy!$500 2 hours of training and play

“High Society” $2500 and we go to an LA retreat held by Goddess Phoenix at her LA estate. Luxury suite and VIP treatment and slave training for 4 days and you will stay in a suite with me. *Own suite optional for extra charge(airfare not included)*

“Born this Way” Age Play/ABDL $600 for 2.5-3 hours, Let me be your mommy! I will feed you, change your diaper(no scat) , get a bubble bath and dress you up in a cute little onesie!

 “Suicide Squad” $200 join me as my collared slave to a submission or fetish factory event. You will be dressed by my stylist Rebecca then you will meet and be played with by the elite lifestyle and pro dommes. Instant VIP status. $500 if you go to exclusive after hours at the elusive Mistress Serpentines dungeon. This includes a 30 min alone playtime with me and a photo from the party. 

Whore” purchase 3 sessions for the price of two, 5 sessions for the price of 3, (2 hours or more rates). 

Seven year itch” $200 one hour of only foot worship. 

“Bad Romance” $400 You’ve been a bad slave, therefore I Shrunk you. Now you better avoid my gaze and my feet, or you might end up a snack for your Giantess. Making a giantess video, watch out little slaves, where did you go, that video is dropping faster than my feet on your tiny bodies.